Catherine O'Brien Ed.D

Catherine O'Brien Ed.D

College Of Education And Human Development
Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation
Madla 262

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“Dr. Cat” has worked in the field of early childhood education for over 25 years in various roles. Currently, she is a Lecturer in the Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation, Early Childhood Program at Texas A&M University San Antonio. She is the mother of 5 adult children, and a lover of nature and play. Holding a BA in ECE and Business Administration, MA in Education specializing in Early Childhood, and an Ed.D. in Teaching and Learning, Catherine is also a lifelong learner, passionate about supporting educators, families and young children to reach their full potential.

Dr. Cat works to create a sense of community in the learning environment that is co-created with students. Like Loris Malaguzzi, Dr. Cat has cultivated the Image of the Child into her teaching philosophy on students and truly believes that every student is a capable, competent, individual that has 100 languages more to express themselves (Edwards, Gandini & Forman, 2012).

Dr. Cat’s most recent passion is advocating for the rights of children including the right to play, the right to high quality education, and the right to safe and heathy environments to grow and develop. 

Courses Teaching

Subject Number Section Description Term Syllabus
EDEC 4314 600 Cognitive Development Fall 2023 Syllabi
EDEC 3349 001 Academics, Creativity & Play Fall 2023 Syllabi
EDEC 3332 600 Prof, Leadership & Ethics Fall 2023 Syllabi