Theresa Garfield

Theresa Garfield

Professor of Special Education and Interim Director of Graduate Studies
College Of Education And Human Development
Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation
Main Campus-MPB Room 242

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Upon earning her Bachelor’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake University, Theresa Garfield (Dr. G) began her 29-year career as an elementary school teacher in an urban setting, where she taught multiple grade levels and special education. After earning her Master’s degree and working on her doctorate, she transitioned into higher education and served as department chair and program director at Palo Alto College. In 2009, she moved to Texas A&M University-San Antonio, where she currently serves as a Professor of Special Education. Dr. G is the Chair of the Professional Standards and Practices Committee for the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and serves multiple roles in other national and local organizations. Dr. G has won teaching and service awards at the local, state, and national levels and maintains an active research agenda in advocacy, accessibility, equity, and efficacy. She is a mentor and an advocate for students, faculty members, and staff, and her passion is eliminating barriers. Dr. G is a proud first-gen faculty member!


2022 COEHD Outstanding Faculty Award: Service
2018 COEHD Outstanding Faculty Award: Service
2017 Chancellor’s Academy of Teacher Excellence Award
2016 TAMU-SA Distinguished Faculty Award: Service
2016 Jaguar Excellence Award
2016 Excellence in Teaching Award-NSLS
2015 Texas Teacher Educator Award-TCEC
2015 Susan Phillips Gorin National Award-CEC
2012 Excellence in Teaching Award
2011 | 2010 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
2009 Doctoral Achievement Award-Westside Chamber of Commerce
2007 NISOD Teaching Excellence Award
2002 HEB Texas Teacher of the Year Finalist-
2000 AERA Women in Education Activist Award
1999 |1998 Newsletter of the Year Award-ATPE

Teaching Summary

2022-Present Professor of Special Education TAMU-SA
2017-Present Associate Professor of Special Education TAMU-SA
2011-2017 Assistant Professor of Special Education TAMU-SA
2009-2011 Lecturer-Special Education TAMU-SA
2006-2011 Associate Professor-Teacher Education Palo Alto College
2003-2006 Assistant Professor-Teacher Education Palo Alto College
1994-2002 Teacher- Special Education and General Education San Antonio ISD


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Edited Book Chapters

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Edited Non-Refereed Creative Works

Garfield, T. (2018).  “First Breath, Last Breath.”  The Story Mandala: Finding Wholeness in a Divided World.  Prose Press:  Pawleys Island, SC, 128-129.

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