Mu Hu

Mu Hu

Associate Professor
College Of Arts And Sciences
Department of Communication, History, and Philosophy

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Dr. Mu Hu’s research interests are primarily in the area of media psychology. He is particularly interested in the illusive interaction (“parasocial interaction” or “PSI”) and relationship (“parasocial relationship” or “PSR”) between media users and media figures or characters. His recent research has focused on the relationships between PSR and audiences' cognition, attitudes, and behaviors. He is now working on the influence of PSR on audiences' attitudes toward clinical depression, romantic beliefs, and online shopping.
Dr. Mu Hu has been teaching a wide array of courses in communication area, which include introduction to media studies, public speaking, communication theory, seminar in communication, research methods, persuasion, intercultural communication, and fundamentals of human communication.
Dr. Mu Hu likes traveling, reading novels, watching BBC documentaries, and visiting his hometown. He is an avid San Antonio Spurs fan since high school and thus is now looking forward to returning to the AT&T Center to watch a Spurs game in person after the pandemic.

Courses Teaching

Subject Number Section Description Term Syllabus
COMM 4310 1 Persuasion Spring 2022 Syllabi
SPCH 1315 2 Fund of Public Speaking Spring 2022 Syllabi
COMM 3351 1 Media Effects Spring 2022 Syllabi