Robert Page

Robert Page

Associate Professor
College Of Arts And Sciences
Department of Life Sciences
Main Campus SciTech 237A

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My research is focused on using genetic, genomic, bioinformatic, and statistical tools to address questions rooted in ecological and evolutionary biology. Over the past decade, my research has become increasingly applied and I frequently use population genetic approaches to address questions in animal conservation. Much of my work has been on salamanders, and I have used them as models for studying topics ranging from territoriality to molecular ecology to developmental genomics.

At present, I am interested in the following areas of inquiry:

  1. Population and conservation genetics/genomics of range-restricted mountaintop salamanders
  2. Ecological developmental biology of anuran (frog and toad) and lepidopteran (moth and butterfly) larvae 
  3. Analysis of molecular diagnostic data based on qPCR
  4. Development of instructional tools for undergraduate biostaistics students

For more information on my scholarly interests and publication record, please visit the sites hyperlinked below.

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