Amy Main

Amy Main

College Of Arts And Sciences
Department of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Science and Technology Building, Room 311Z-A

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Amy Main received her bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and her master's in Mathematics both from Texas A&M University in College Station.  Upon completing her master's in 1995, she immediately began teaching the large audience freshman level classes at A&M but preferred the smaller classes at Blinn College.  After relocating to San Antonio, she taught evening classes at Concordia University and part-time at Northeast Lakeview College.  

In the Fall of 2017, Mrs. Main became a lecturer at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.  She brings over 25 years of experience teaching mathematics at the college level.  Having graduated from A&M herself, she is especially proud to be teaching again for the A&M University system.  


Courses Taught

At Texas A&M University-San Antonio

 At Northeast Lakeview College

 At Concordia University

 At Blinn College

  At Texas A&M University

Courses Teaching

Subject Number Section Description Term Syllabus
MATH 0342 01L Introductory Statistics: CoReq Fall 2022 Syllabi
MATH 1324 001 Math for Bus/Soc Sci I Fall 2022 Syllabi
MATH 2312 005 Pre-Calculus Fall 2022 Syllabi
MATH 1024 001 Math Bus/Soc Sci I Recitation Fall 2022 Syllabi
MATH 1324 01L Math for Bus/Soc Sci I: Coreq Fall 2022 Syllabi
MATH 0324 01L Math for Bus & Sci: CoReq Lab Fall 2022 Syllabi
MATH 1342 01L Introductory Statistics Coreq Fall 2022 Syllabi