Brandon Radoman-Shaw

Brandon Radoman-Shaw

Adjunct Faculty
College Of Arts And Sciences
Department of Science and Mathematics

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I graduated with honors from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX with a B.Sc. in Geosciences in 2012 with a thesis on Venus mapping. I completed my doctoral thesis on Venusian geochemistry with Dr. Ralph Harvey at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio with a dissertation entitled "Geologic materials exposed to Venus surface conditions using the Glenn Extreme Environment Rig (GEER)". I also completed research on anomalously large metal nodules in ordinary chondrite meteorites, officially classifying meteorite NWA 10106. I received my PhD in Geological Sciences from CWRU in 2019. During my graduate career I was a teaching assistant in several geology courses including igneous and metamorphic petrology and mineralogy.


Teaching Summary

Year Rank University
2020-Present Adjunct Faculty in Geology Texas A&M University San Antonio
2012-2017 Teaching Assistant Case Western Reserve University



  • Costa G.C.C., Jacobson N.S., Lukco D., Hunter G.W., Nakley L., Radoman-Shaw B., Harvey R.P. (2018) Oxidation behavior of stainless steels 304 and 316 under the Venus atmospheric surface conditions. Corrosion Science, DOI:0.10106/j.corsci.2018.01.002
  • Radoman-Shaw B., Harvey R., Costa G.C.C, Nakley, L., and Jacobson N.S. (2017) Reaction of Basaltic Materials under high-fidelity Venus Surface Conditions using the Glenn Extreme Environment Rig: First Results. NASA Technical Report GRC-E-DAATN31034
  • Jacobson N.S., Kulis M., Radoman-Shaw B., Harvey R. Myers D.L., Schaefer L. and Fegley Jr. B., (2017) Thermodynamic Constraints on the Lower Atmosphere of Venus. Earth and Space Chemistry, 1, 422-430.
  • Costa G.C.C, Jacobson N.S., Lukco D., Hunter G.W., Nakley, L., Radoman-Shaw B., and Harvey R. (2017) Chemical and Microstructural changes in metallic and ceramic materials exposed to Venusian Surface Conditions. NASA Technical Report NASA/ TM-2017-219437


Courses Teaching

Subject Number Section Description Term Syllabus
GEOL 1301 1 Earth Sciences I Spring 2022 Syllabi
GEOL 1101 01L Earth Sciences Lab I Spring 2022 Syllabi
GEOL 1302 1 Earth Sciences II Spring 2022 Syllabi