Berenice de la Cruz

Berenice de la Cruz

Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator Applied Behavior Analysis
College Of Education And Human Development
Department of Counseling, Health and Kinesiology
Classroom Hall 214Q

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Experience. Dr. Berenice de la Cruz, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA has worked with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities since 2001 in school, home, clinic, and community settings as a teacher, therapist, supervisor, director, and professor. Dr. de la Cruz has extensive experience providing didactic and hands-on training to caregivers, students, and professionals servicing people with disabilities. She has been an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of the Applied Behavior Analysis Program at A&M-SA since 2020. Prior to joining A&M-SA, Dr. de la Cruz was an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University’s ABA program and the CEO and owner of an ABA company. She regularly presents in English and Spanish at local, state, and national/international conferences. Dr. Berenice de la Cruz is the inaugurals Coordinator for the new Applied Behavior Analysis Program at the College of Education and Human Development. 

San Antonio. Dr. de la Cruz has been an active member of the San Antonio community since 2010, along with her husband their two children. Dr. de la Cruz served as the Chief Operating Officer at Autism Community Network, a local nonprofit that serves families of children with ASD. She was part of the leadership team since the inception of Autism Lifeline Links (ALL), a coalition of nonprofits aimed at connecting families to services in the community. Dr. de la Cruz served as past chair and now as an active member of ALL’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee. She also serves as an Executive Council Member for the Texas Association for Behavior Analysis and was recently appointed as the chair of the TxABA Promoting ABA Ad Hoc Committee. In addition, Dr. de la Cruz is the Treasurer of the Texas Association for Behavior Analysis Public Policy Group (TxABA PPG). Through the legislative work with TxABA PPG, ALL, and other agencies, licensure was granted by the state of Texas to behavior analysts in 2017. Furthermore, on July 15, 2019, ABA was added as a Medicaid benefit for persons under age 20 with a diagnosis of ASD. Dr. de la Cruz continues to work with TxABA PPG and other groups to ensure that the ABA Medicaid benefit is implemented in a way that is accessible to all families. 

Research Interests

Focuses primarily on evaluating the application of ABA when used by parents, teachers, and other professionals to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities in the school, home, and community.


Ph.D. August 2009
The University of Texas at Austin (UT)
Major: Special Education
Specialization: Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Dissertation: Use of a self-monitoring treatment package to support teachers in developing and implementing self-monitoring interventions for children with developmental disabilities
Dissertation Committee: Herbert J. Rieth, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor), Jeff Sigafoos, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor), David P. Wacker, Ph.D., Karrie A. Shogren, Ph.D, & Mark F. O’Reilly, Ph.D.

M.A. July 2004
The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Major:  Clinical Psychology
Thesis:  An investigation of the 5-methoxytryptamine and valproic acid rat models of autism
Thesis Advisor:  Donald E. Moss, Ph.D.

B.S. May 2002
Cum Laude, University Honors Degree, & Departmental Honors
Major: Psychology
Minor: Statistics
Thesis: Symbolic and realistic threats: The cognitive processes that underlie them
Thesis Advisor: Michael A. Zárate, Ph.D.

Service to the University 

2022-Present   Member, Presidential Search Advisory Committee for Texas A&M University-San Antonio

2022-Present   Coordinator, Verified Course Sequence, Association for Behavior Analysis International

2022-Present   Member, A&M-SA Institute for Autism and Related Disorders Steering Committee

2022-Present   Member, Planning Committee for Chancellor Diversity Summit

2022-Present   Member, A&M-SA President Commission on Equity and Inclusive Excellence

2022-Present   Member, A&M-SA COEHD Curriculum Committee

2022                Member, A&M-SA Inclusive Excellence Certification Taskforce

2022                Member, Autism Mobile Assessment Bus and Learning Environment (AMABLE) evaluation team

2022                Member, A&M-SA Dean’s Advisory Council

2021-Present   Member, A&M-SA Carnegie Community Engagement Classification Committee

2021-Present   Chair, A&M-SA Measuring and Tracking Community Engagement Subcommittee

2021-Present   Member, Autism Lifeline Links Adult Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

2021-Present   Member, A&M-SA COEHD Policies and Procedures Taskforce

2021                Member, Autism Director Search Committee for Autism Lifeline Links

2021                Member, Associate/Full Tenure Chair Search Committee for the Department of Counseling, Health, and Kinesiology

2020-Present   Founding Program Coordinator, A&M-SA’s Applied Behavior Analysis Program

Service to the Profession 

2022-Present   Guest Editor, Behavior Analysis in Practice Special Issue on Public Policy Advocacy

2021-Present   Executive Council Member, Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA)

2021-Present   Chair, Promoting ABA AdHoc Committeee, TxABA

2021-Present   President, Alamo City Behavior Analysts

2021-Present   Member, Autism Lifeline Links Adult Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

2021-Present   Member, Mexican Association for ABA Practitioners Founding Team

2021-Present   Member, Mexican Association for ABA Practitioners Ethics Committee

2021-Present   Member, Mexican Association for ABA Practitioners Education Committee

2020-Present   Guest Speaker, ABA LatAM

2020-Present   Ad Hoc Reviewer, Behavior Analysis in Practice

2019-Present   Treasurer, TxABA Public Policy Group

2019-Present   Member, TxABA Public Policy Group Medicaid Taskforce

2019-Present   Member, TxABA Public Policy Group Public Education Taskforce

2019-Present   Member, Autism Lifeline Links Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

2009-Present   Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

2013-Present   Member, Alamo City Behavior Analysts Leadership Team

Peer-Reviewed Publications

de la Cruz, B., Cannella, H., Son, S.-H., Edrisinha, C., Sigafoos, J., & Robinson, D. (2007). Author Productivity and Publication Trends in

Autism-Specific Journals from 1997 to 2004. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 21(4), 245-250.

Olive, M. L., de la Cruz, B., Davis, T. N., Chan, J. M., Lang, R. B., & Dickson, S. M. (2007). The Effects of Enhanced Milieu Teaching and a

Voice Output Communication Aid on the Communication of Three Children with Autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental

Disabilities, 37(8), 1505-1513.

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& Young, D. (2007). Evaluation of a video prompting and fading procedure for teaching dish-washing skills to adults with developmental

disabilities. Journal of Behavioral Education, 16, 93-109.

Cannella, H., Sigafoos, J., O’Reilly, M., de la Cruz, B., Edrisinha, C., & Lancioni, G. E. (2006). Comparing video prompting to video modeling

for teaching daily living skills to six adults with developmental disabilities. Education and Training in Mental Retardation and

Developmental Disabilities, 41(4).

Zárate, M., Garcia, B., Garza, A. Hitlan, R. T. (2004). Cultural threat and perceived realistic group conflict as dual predictors of prejudice.

Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, 40(1), 99-105.

Book/Book Chapters

Sigafoos, J., O’Reilly, M. F., & de la Cruz, B. (2006). How to Use Video Modeling and Video Prompting for Teaching Learners with Autism

Spectrum Disorder. Austin, TX:  Pro-Ed.     

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Courses Teaching

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ABA 3302 600 Introduction to Research Metho Spring 2023 Syllabi
EDSE 5353 601 Autism Spe Disorders & Rel Iss Spring 2023 Syllabi
ABA 5307 600 Autism Spectrum Disorder Spring 2023 Syllabi
ABA 5303 600 Ethics and Professionalism in Spring 2023 Syllabi