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Albert Alvarado is native of San Antonio and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Master of Science in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. He is considered a Master Teacher by the State of Texas. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from UT Austin he came back to his alma mater Burbank High School, on the Southside of San Antonio, to give back to his community. After 9 years of service as a teacher and coach with San Antonio Independent School District he gained invaluable experience that he would take to the post-secondary level. 

Albert has taught all common core Mathematics courses at the High School level including Calculus AP, Statistics AP, and Advanced Quantitative Reasoning and has taught College Algebra, Biostatistics, Introduction to Statistics, Business Statistics, Business Calculus and Business and Social Science Mathematics II at the University Level.  He started as an Adjunct Professor at Hallmark University in 2015. In 2016 Albert began as an Adjunct Professor at The University of The Incarnate Word and at Texas A&M University San Antonio. He specializes in Discovery Learning with use of the 5E Model, Project Based Instruction, and Generative Design methodologies. In addition, he uses technology-based learning including online coursework through Math Connect, MyMathlab, Aleks, Desmos Software, TI84 Calculators. Currently he is pursuing a second master’s degree in Statistics through Texas A&M College Station. In his master’s courses he has learned coding and how it applies to Statistics and has brought this knowledge back to the classroom with the use of the open source program, R. In his Statistics courses he utilizes R software to generate various professional statistical graphs and tables that students will be able to use in their research papers. 

Growing up in the South Side of San Antonio he can relate well with the students that he teaches at Texas A&M San Antonio and has created positive learning environments for the courses he teaches. Both of his parents are immigrants from Mexico, and they have worked hard to provide him with opportunities to be where he is today. With 5 children and limited English this was no easy task for them, but they did so with the very faith and hard work they instilled in him. He has two beautiful little girls and a son that he and his wife proudly raise. They continue to work to raise their children with the same morals, faith, and hard work that their parents instilled in them. 

MS Mathematics University of Texas at Austin 2012


Alberto Alvarado

College Of Arts And Sciences

Department of Computational, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Lecturer of Mathematics

Classroom Hall Building, Office# 216
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Course Teachings

MATH 0314 05L MATH 1314 Support Course Spring 2024 Syllabus
MATH 1314 05L College Algebra: CoReq Spring 2024 Syllabus
MATH 1351 001 Fundamentals of Mathematics II Spring 2024 Syllabus
MATH 3301 001 Biostatistics Spring 2024 Syllabus