HB2504 Version History

Version 2.2

Developer(s): Joshua Ibrom, Jose Gonzales

Date: 15 May 2024

  1. Fixed responsiveness of public Course Information data table.
  2. Fixed alignment of profiles on Deparment Faculty Listing page.
  3. Error handling and display improved for non-existent or invalid faculty profiles.
  4. "Choose File" buttons are now consistent across the application for syllabi upload buttons.
  5. Session variables are now used in place of GET request parameters for some pages.
  6. Added another database connection.
  7. Added "Department" filter to All Faculty admin page.
  8. Logging file sizes checked.
  9. Added security patch to application.
  10. Admin home page edited to remove extraneous or redundant text and to enhance flexibility / user experience.
  11. Dropdowns / filters for public Course Information table have had blank / breaking options removed or disabled.
  12. Input validation improved / added for all forms.
  13. Issues loading profile pictures on some profiles have been resolved.
  14. Extracted / moved various methods and markups to their own files.

Version 2.1

Developer(s): Joshua Ibrom

Date: 13 March 2024

  1. Removed use of external libraries. All library files are now local.
  2. Added form validation to faculty-related forms.
  3. Added application version to site header along with link to this changelog.
  4. Removed extraneous console logging statements.
  5. "Past Term" combo box now displays the currently-selected Past Term on public site, if present.
  6. Added security patch to application.
  7. Faculty listed on Department Faculty Listing page now sorted by last then first name.
  8. Created "Department Admins" page to list all department administrators.
  9. Removed " - Prod" from welcome message in site header for production website.

Version 2.0

Developer(s): Jose Gonzales, Fernando Estrada, Liliana Martinez

Date: 07 December 2023

  • Initial version.