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Amy Main received her bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics and her masters in Mathematics both from Texas A&M University in College Station.  Upon completing her masters in 1995, she immediately began teaching the large audience freshman level classes at A&M but preferred the smaller classes at Blinn College.  After relocating to San Antonio, she taught evening classes at Concordia University and part-time at Northeast Lakeview College.  

In the Fall of 2017, Mrs. Main became a lecturer at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.  She brings over 25 years of experience teaching mathematics at the college level.  Having graduated from A&M herself, she is especially proud to be teaching again for the A&M University system.  


  • M.S. Mathematics, Texas A&M University, 1995
  • B.S. Applied Mathematics, Texas A&M University, 1992
  • A.S.  Mathematics, Northeast Texas Community College, 1990

Courses Taught

At Texas A&M University-San Antonio

  • Math1314-College Algebra F17, Sp18, F18, Sp20, F20, Sp23, F23, Sp24
  • Math1314-College Algebra Coreq. Sp21, F21, Sp22, Sum22, F23, Sp24
  • Math1324-Business Mathematics I F22, F23
  • Math 1324-Business Mathematics I Coreq F21, F22
  • Math 1325-Business Mathematics II Sp20, Sp21
  • Math1342-Introduction to Statistics, Sp19, Sp20, Sp21, Sum21
  • Math1342-Introduction to Statistics Coreq F22
  • Math1351-Fundamental of Math II Sp18, F18, Sp19
  • Math2312-Pre-Calculus F19, F22 (hybrid), F23
  • Recitation for various courses F17, Sp18, F19, F20, Sp21, F21, Sp23
  • Stem4101 Jaguar Tracks IV F20, Sp21
  • Math3360-Modern Geometry, Sp23, Sp24

 At Northeast Lakeview College

  • Math 0300-Basic Mathematics F09
  • Math 0301-Introduction to Algebra Sp08, F09
  • Math 0302-Elementary Algebra Sp08, Sp09, Sp11
  • Math 0303-Intermediate Algebra Sp09, F10, F13
  • Math 0310-Elementary Algebra Sp15
  • Math 0320-Intermediate Algebra F14
  • Math 1314-College Algebra Sp07, F07, F10, Sp11, F11, Sp12, F12, Sp13, Sp14
  • Math 1324-Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences Sp14,F14,F15,F16, Sp17, F17,Sp18,F18, Sp19
  • Math 1325-Calculus for Business & Social Sciences F15, Sp16, F16, Sp17, F17, Sp18, F18, Sp19
  • Math 1350-Fundamentals of Math I F12
  • Math 1351-Fundamentals of Math II Sp07, Sp08
  • Math1414-College Algebra F17,F18,Sp19

 At Concordia University

  • Math 1330-Applied Finite Mathematics
  • Math 2301-Introduction to Statistics

 At Blinn College

  • Math 0312-Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 1314-College Algebra
  • Math 1324-Analysis I
  • Math 1325-Analysis II
  • Math 2313-Calculus for Life Science

  At Texas A&M University

  • Math 102-Algebra
  • Math 131-Mathematical Concepts-Calculus
  • Math 141-Finite Mathematics
  • Math 142-Business Calculus
  • Math 150-Pre-Calculus
  • Math 151 Engineering Mathematics I
  • Math 166-Topics in Contemporary Mathematics II

Amy Main

College Of Arts And Sciences

Department of Computational, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences


Classroom Hall 218
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Course Teachings

MATH 0314 02L MATH 1314 Support Course Spring 2024 Syllabus
MATH 1314 02L College Algebra: CoReq Spring 2024 Syllabus
MATH 3360 001 Modern Geometry Spring 2024 Syllabus
MATH 1314 600 College Algebra Spring 2024 Syllabus