Humberto Lara Villegas


Dr. Lara currently serves as an Instructional Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University-San Antonio since 2021. Before this, he made significant scientific contributions as a Research Associate at The University of Texas at San Antonio from 2014 to 2021. Dr. Lara has held academic positions as an Associate Professor at the University of Monterrey (2012-2014) and the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (2003-2011).



Year Name of the award

Summa Cum Laude”, graduated with highest honors as Ph.D., student

2006 to date

Member of S.N.I -1 (National System of Researchers) from 2006 to date, granted by the National Council of Sciences and Technologies of Mexico (CoNaCyt)


Award from the Scientific Committee granted by the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL)


PROMEP recognition for quality work as a Teacher bestowed by the Secretary of Education in Mexico (SEP)

2005 - 2010

Scholarship to Study Ph.D. Program. The scholarship was granted by the Mexican Federal Government’s Department of Science and Technology (CONACYT)


President of the XXIV Mexican Congress of Clinical Pathology


Teaching Summary

Year Rank Company/Institute/University
2021-Present Instructional Assistant Professor Texas A&M University-San Antonio
2019-Present Adjunct Faculty St. Philips College
2014-2021 Research Associate The University of Texas at San Antonio
2012-2014 Assistant Professor Universidad de Monterrey
2003-2011 Assistant Professor Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon 


Classes Observing

Course Code Course Name
2402-600 Anatomy and Physiology II (Lecture)
2402-03L Anatomy and Physiology II
2402-08L Anatomy and Physiology II
2401-03L Anatomy and Physiology I
2401-06L Anatomy and Physiology I
2401-07L Anatomy and Physiology I
2401-08L Anatomy and Physiology I
2401-602 Anatomy and Physiology I






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Humberto Lara Villegas

College Of Arts And Sciences

Department of Natural Sciences

Instructional Assistant Professor

STB 211M
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BIOL 2401 01L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Spring 2024 Syllabus
BIOL 2401 03L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Spring 2024 Syllabus
BIOL 2401 001 Anatomy & Physiology I Spring 2024 Syllabus
BIOL 2401 02L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Spring 2024 Syllabus
BIOL 2401 003 Anatomy & Physiology I Spring 2024 Syllabus