Eric Banks


I teach freshmen, junior and senior-level chemistry courses. I’ve published research in exercise biochemistry as it relates to insulin resistance and glucose transporters in skeletal muscle in addition to gap junction proteins and their role in eye lens development.  Lastly, I’ve studied potential pathways to understand hypermetabolism resulting from severe burn injury (trauma) in skeletal muscle.






Eric Banks

College Of Arts And Sciences

Department of Natural Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

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Course Teachings

CHEM 1111 03L General Chemistry Lab I Spring 2024 Syllabus
CHEM 1112 01L General Chemistry Lab II Spring 2024 Syllabus
CHEM 4331 001 Instrumental Analysis Spring 2024 Syllabus
CHEM 1311 002 General Chemistry I Spring 2024 Syllabus
CHEM 1111 01L General Chemistry Lab I Spring 2024 Syllabus
CHEM 4131 01L Instrumental Analysis Lab Spring 2024 Syllabus