O. Volkan Ozbek

Dr. O. Volkan Ozbek earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Strategic Management from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2017. As a Turkish native, he has been in the education sector in the U.S. since 2005. His primary research interest is in corporate governance including the board and top management team structures of corporate spin-offs as well as their “distinct” ownership models (e.g., board, managerial, institutional ownerships). In his dissertation research, he looked at the impact of corporate governance on the change in market valuation of spun-off subsidiaries by focusing on their board and CEO demographic characteristics as well as ownership structures. 
He has gotten published in some “elite” management journals including the Academy of Management Review (AMR) and the American Business Review (ABR). He has also presented his research papers at many “major” academic conferences both in the U.S. and overseas. Prior to his doctoral education, he earned three master’s degrees in different areas of business (from University of Wisconsin at Madison, Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan, and Naval Science and Engineering Institute in Istanbul). Prior to his career shift in academia, he served in the Turkish Navy as a cadet (for eight years) and an officer (for six years).
His teaching interests are primarily in the areas of Strategic Management and International Business. He currently teaches at the College of Business, Texas A&M University-San Antonio.Prior to that, he taught at Trinity University and University of San Diego. Regarding his hobbies, he is a big traveler both domestically and internationally. He likes to spend time on the beach in Florida, try international cuisines (in particular, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean kebab restaurants), explore different places via road trips, and meet new people of different cultures.



O. Volkan Ozbek

College Of Business

Department of Management and Marketing

Assistant Professor of Management

Main Campus- BLH 341 E
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Course Teachings

MBA 5135 002 Strategic Mgmt 2 Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
MGMT 3311 900 Principles of Management Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
MGMT 3311 901 Principles of Management Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
MGMT 4370 603 Decision Making and Bus Policy Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached