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Dr. Sukho Lee, a professor in the Department of Counseling, Health, and Kinesiology at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, earned a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2002. He also earned a B.S. and M.S. at Seoul National University. Before joining TAMU-SA in August 2013, Dr. Lee was an associate professor at Texas A&M International University for 10 years and a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

Dr. Lee teaches undergraduate and graduates courses in Exercise Science. His research interests include 1) supplementation on exercise performance, preventions and/or treatments for diabetes and obesity using exercise and dietary interventions as well as mechanisms of skeletal muscle plasticity by different interventions, including resistance training, hind limb suspension, casting model, and oriental medicine.

Dr. Lee is a founding member of KUSAPS: Korea United State Applied Physiological Society ( and serves as an editorial board member for several peer review journals (International Journal of Exercise Science, Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry, International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences, Kinesiology, and Journal of Lifestyle Medicine).



Year Name of the award
2021 Senior Scholarly Research Award of the University (A&M-SA)
2020 Faculty Recognition Award for Outstanding Research COEHD at A&M-SA
2017 Faculty Recognition Award for Outstanding Research COEHD at A&M-SA
2013 Scholar of the Year for College of Education at TAMIU
2009 Excellence in Education Award (Faculty Community Service) at TAMIU

Summary of Professional Position

Year Rank Company/Institute/University
2022-Present Associate Chair Texas A&M University-San Antonio (Department of Counseling, Health, & Kinesiology) 
2019-Present Professor Texas A&M University-San Antonio
2017-2019 Associate Chair Texas A&M University-San Antonio (Department of Counseling, Health, & Kinesiology) 
2015-2017 Program Coordinator Texas A&M University-San Antonio (Department of Counseling, Health, & Kinesiology) 
2013-2019 Associate Professor Texas A&M University-San Antonio
2008-2013 Associate Professor Texas A&M International University
2008-2012 Director Texas A&M International University (Health and Wellness Education & Research Center)
2004-2008 Assistant Professor Texas A&M International University
2002-2003 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania (Medical School)

Classes Taught

Course Code Course Name
EDFS 2300 Physical Fitness
EDKN 3316 Medical Terminology
EDKN 3426 Basic Physiology of Exercise
EDFS 4301 Tests and Measurements
EDKN 4324 Exercise in Chronic Disease and Disability
EDKN 4325 Biomechanics
EDKN 4328 Internship
EDKN 4417 Advanced Physiology of Exercise
EDFS 5303 Physiology of Aging
EDFS 5305 Exercise, Nutrition and Energy Metabolism
EDFS 5307 Exercise and Chronic Disease
EDFS 5313 Performance Enhancement in Sports
EDKN 5312 Physiology of Exercise
EDKN 5334 Fitness, Nutrition, and Weight Control
EDKN 5336 Youth Fitness & Performance
EDKN 5337 Aging & Physical Activity


Topic Info
Professional Membership

American College of Nutrition (ACN): Fellow, Korea United States Applied Physiological Society (KUSAPS): Past President, Asia Society of Kinesiology (ASK): Founding Board member, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Physiological Society (APS), National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA): CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), Korean Society of Exercise Nutrition (KSEN)

Editorial Review Board

International Journal of Exercise Science, International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences, Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Exercise Science, Frontier in Physiology, Physical Activity and Nutrition, Asian Journal of Kinesiology, Korean Journal of Elementary Education, 


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Sukho Lee

College Of Education And Human Development

Department of Counseling, Health and Kinesiology

Associate Chair and Professor

Main Campus-STEM 142A
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EDKN 4328 301 Internship I Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
EDKN 4417 900 Adv Physiology of Exercise Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
EDKN 4417 901 Adv Physiology of Exercise Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached