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Matthew, born and raised in San Antonio, is a US Air Force Veteran, educator, healthcare executive, small business owner, and ordained Christian minister, who has spent nearly 2 decades to help the San Antonio community, along with other countries and cities in various pillars of focus: education, community advocacy/advancement in the Christian and military communities. 

Matthew has many years of experience as a healthcare executive in managing various policies across organizations and primarily works in the education industry as a high school and postsecondary educator. In these various elements, I have taken an interest in business law for the fact of having respectable and factual (and some opinionated) conversations regarding policies and laws. Matthew is also a local business owner who manages client's bookkeeping accounts and knowing business and law.

Matthew's teaching philosophy is to inspire students to pursue academic and personal intelligence so that people can live out their respective dreams and consistently striving to create a challenging and engaging learning environment so that students came become life-long learners in their respective interests.

As an educator, Matthew is a candidate to graduate with his Doctor in Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership; has obtained an MBA and Master of Arts in Christian Ministries.

Matthew has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Business, Business Law, Accounting, Nonprofit Management, and Healthcare courses at Hallmark University, Southern Careers Institute, Alamo Community Colleges, and Our Lady of the Lake University, respectively for nearly 5 years.

Outside of academia and business, Matthew serves as a Sunday school teacher, teaching children and youth the Christian bible. You will find him in town with his wife of 13 years and 4 children, ages 11, 3, 1, and one on the way in December - either at church, in the movie theaters, or on the baseball diamond/football field/basketball gym - he volunteers as a baseball, football, and basketball coach. 

As for contacting me outside of class, you are always welcome to email, call, or text me. I will be sure to respond back to you within a business day. My door is always open.

God bless you all!
Dr. B.

Matthew A. Briseno, Ed.D., MBA, MACM
Adjunct Professor of Management & Marketing
Texas A&M University – San Antonio
Cell: 210.846.8927

Matthew Briseno

College Of Business

Department of Management and Marketing

Adjunct Faculty
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Course Teachings

BCOM 3304 908 Bus Communication Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
BUAD 1301 604 Business Principles Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
BUAD 3311 601 Business and Society Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
BUAD 3311 900 Business and Society Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached
BUAD 1301 901 Business Principles Spring 2024 No Syllabus Attached